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About groups


Poco encourages people to work together by forming groups. The purpose of a group on Poco is to write and endorse proposals.

Proposals can be owned in one of two ways:

  • By the individual who created the proposal, as well as other members hand-picked by that individual.
  • By an existing group.

If you’ll just be working by yourself or with one or two friends, you don’t need to worry about groups. When you’re creating your proposal, just leave the default group as “Don’t assign to a group” and everything will work out.

But if you usually work in your EDA, PTA or commission, of if you frequently find yourself working with the same bunch of authors, you can create a group to represent yourselves on Poco. Then, when you create a proposal, you can assign it to this group. The group will then be listed as the “owner” of the proposal, rather than it being assigned to individual members.

There will soon be a way to easily distinguish between formal and informal groups. Until then, do not create a group that tries to sound official when it is not.

To start a group, click on the “Groups” link at the top of every page, then click “Start your own group now.”

About group membership

Becoming a group member gives you the following privileges:

  • The ability to edit the draft version of any of the group’s proposals.
  • The use of the group’s private forum.
  • The ability to invite other members to join the group (subject to administrator approval).

Most groups have moderated membership - that is, to join the group, you must apply to a group administrator and they will decide whether or not to accept you. All authors’ groups have moderated membership.

About group administrators and managers

Group administrators are members with some additional privileges:

  • The ability to manage the proposals owned by the group. For example, the administrators can publish a new draft, transfer the proposal to another group, or merge the proposal with another proposal.
  • The ability to add and remove other members of the group.
  • The ability to promote other members to become administrators, or demote them to being normal members.

This last item might seem odd, since a “war” could break out with different administrators trying to remove each other. However, the person who originally creates the group is called the group manager, and is like other administrators except the manager cannot be demoted and cannot leave the group.

At present, a manager cannot hand the group over to someone else; you must ask Poco’s administrator to do this for you. This might be improved in the future.

Endorsing proposals

If another group (or individual) has written a proposal which your group likes, you can endorse their proposal. (You can also oppose it if you like). This is very similar to the ability of an individual to vote on a proposal

Only an administrator of a group can vote on a proposal in this way. It is the responsibility of that administrator to ensure that the group agrees to this vote. For example, if the group represents an EDA, the administrator must ensure that the EDA has voted on the proposal at a regular board meeting.

To vote on a proposal on behalf of a group, click the “Voting” tab above each proposal. If you are a member of a group, you will see a section of the page called “My groups’ votes,” showing how all of your groups have voted on this proposal. If you are an administrator of that group, you will see a “Change” link after the vote. Click that link and follow the directions.