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Proposal Introduction Updated
P251: Official Party status

Introduction: Again for this federal election they had the mix up over whether the leader of the...

Jul 28 '11
P220: Canadian democracy and the Liberal policy process

WHEREAS the Leader has identified “democracy” as a major issue of concern for...

Dec 1 '10
P138: Support instant runoff voting for MPs

I propose that we change our current voting system for electing MPs to an Instant Runoff Voting...

Sep 5 '10
P223: List of Abilities

So what are the Lawful supported Abilities?
Many common law documents aren’t very...

Aug 31 '10
P211: Electoral Reform

WHEREAS in March 2004 the Law Commission of Canada published a report Voting Counts: Electoral...

May 29 '10
P206: Promote sustainable fisheries in bluefin tuna and other species

At the recent meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES),...

Mar 29 '10
P53: Biochar sequestration

WHEREAS carbon sequestration could work,

AND WHEREAS James Lovelock likes it,...

Feb 27 '10
P58: Restore PromArt

WHEREAS PromArt promoted Canadian culture abroad and supported Canadian performing artists...

Jan 18 '10
P143: A strategy to preserve aboriginal languages

Many Aboriginal languages are on the verge of disappearing. While other countries have...

Jan 18 '10
P145: Promoting university exchange programs

Many countries participate in university exchange programs, such as the Erasmus program in...

Jan 18 '10