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Testing Poco

Thanks for volunteering to help test Poco! Testing begins on Monday, February 15th and ends on Friday, March 19th. All members of the NPEP as well as Young Liberals and various other members will be testing the site.

This process has three goals:

  • To find bugs
  • To see if it’s intuitive
  • To see if it’s fast enough

To answer these three questions, we are asking you to try to use Poco the way we expect members will be using it in the coming months. We have chosen two topics that all testers will try to develop policies for:

  • A national strategy on brain disease
  • The impacts of mental health on homelessness

To get started, sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Then:

  • Try creating a new proposal for either of the two topics
  • Find a proposal you support for either of these topics and show your support of it. (NB: early in the testing period, there may not be any).
  • Suggest improvements to an existing topic, either by contacting the authors or by becoming an author
  • Creating a working group on any aspect of these problems.
  • Combining similar proposals to avoid needless duplication.

Note that we are not saying how you should accomplish any of these goals. If you have trouble finding out how to do them, please tell us as we’re interested in hearing what problems you had.

Some guidelines to keep in mind while you’re working on Poco:

  • Please avoid making proposals like “we should double the amount of money spent on X.” While it may be a good idea, it would be rather boring to discuss. A more interesting proposal might be something like: “for any additional funding we receive, it should be spent as follows:” - and then discuss relative priorities.
  • If you find that a discussion or proposal is growing organically away from the two topics, that’s fine. The purpose of the topics is to provide a common focus for the testers, but if this focus begins to shift, that will not affect the quality of the testing.

Finally, please report any thoughts, concerns, bugs, slowness or any other issue through the Contact link at the bottom of each page. Your “reports” can be as short as a sentence or two, like this:

  • “I wanted to do X but couldn’t figure out how to do it.”
  • “I wanted to do X and eventually figured it out, but it should have been easier. Here’s what I think should have happened…”
  • “I thought I was doing X but Y happened instead. That’s really confusing.”
  • “I tried to do X but something went wrong.”
  • “The site is too slow.”

Of course, if you want to make more detailed comments, we’d appreciate that too.

Thanks and good luck!